The Daily Outkick: Wednesday, January 30, 2019

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New Jersey Embraces Sports Gambling, And A Billion-Dollar Business Is Born (New York Times)  New Jersey is on pace to surpass Nevada in sports wagering.

Livid Liberals Try To Bully Schultz Out Of 2020 (Axios) Furious Democrats hope to pound Starbucks chairman emeritus Howard Schultz into an early departure from his exploration of an independent 2020 bid.

Jared Goff Needs To Play Better (538) With a win Sunday, Jared Goff would become the second-youngest quarterback to win the Super Bowl.

Teenager And His Mom Tried To Warn Apple Of FaceTime Bug (Wall Street Journal) “Short of smoke signals, I was trying every method that someone could use to get a hold of someone at Apple.”

You Can’t Touch Tom Brady (The Ringer) Through a variety of quick throws and a complex running scheme, the Patriots have neutralized opposing pass rushes and kept the GOAT upright.

Netflix Begs People To Stop Calling Serial Killer Ted Bundy ‘Hot’ (The Wrap) “There are literally THOUSANDS of hot men on the service — almost all of whom are not convicted serial murderers,” streaming service tweets.

Could LeBron James Become The First NBA Player Fined For Tampering? (SI) Is James violating the NBA’s anti-tampering policy by helping the Lakers acquire Pelicans star Anthony Davis?

Google Takes Its First Steps Toward Killing The URL (Wired) In September, members of google’s chrome security team put forth a radical proposal: kill off URLs as we know them.

Spygate Revisited: Patriots Scandal, False Rams Connections And Impact On Legacies (Sporting News) The often-misunderstood scandal has been tied to the Rams due to a false report of the Patriots taping the Rams’ walkthrough before Super Bowl 36.

Apple Is Getting Closer And Closer To Spelling Out Its TV Strategy (Recode) Tim Cook won’t come out and explain’s Apple’s plan to take on Big TV. But he’s almost there.

Super Bowl 53: Rams Vs. Patriots By The Numbers (Forbes) Here are 25 numbers to know ahead of Super Bowl 53.