The Daily Outkick: Wednesday, May 22, 2019

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Raptors Rout Bucks To Tie Up East Finals (Yahoo! Sports) The Toronto Raptors evened the Eastern Conference Finals with a 120-102 victory on Tuesday.

Online Ads Can Be Targeted Based On Your Emotions (Vox) Brands that want to reach women, for example, are buying ads on sad New York Times articles.

Blues Fans Refused To Allow Tornado Warnings To Stop Them From Watching Game 6 (For The Win) They were rewarded for their efforts and courage as the Blues beat the Sharks 4-1 to advance to the Stanley Cup Final.

McConnell Pushes To Raise Age For Tobacco Purchases (Wall Street Journal) Aiming to curb e-cigarette use, Senate GOP leader teams with Democrat Tim Kaine to introduce legislation boosting minimum age from 18 to 21

Adam Silver Says NBA Will Talk To Western Teams About Moving Games Up: “It May Make Sense To Play A Little Bit Earlier” (Awful Announcing) NBA ratings had some declines this year, with some of those ascribed to LeBron James heading west to join the (eventually non-playoff) Los Angeles Lakers.

New Coke Was A Debacle. It’s Coming Back. Blame ‘Stranger Things.’ (New York Times) Netflix said it had teamed up with about 75 companies, including Baskin-Robbins, Levi’s and H&M Group, to draw attention to the show “Stranger Things.”

Four Reasons Why Dodgers’ Cody Bellinger Could Be MLB’s First .400 Hitter Since Ted Williams (CBS Sports) Cody Bellinger of the Dodgers has been the best player in baseball in 2019 and it’s not really even close.

In Praise Of The Beatdown: Saluting James Holzhauer’s ‘Jeopardy’ Run (Yahoo! Sports) How does Holzhauer do it? He looks at something we’ve all seen for the last 35 years, and turns assumption on its side. Literally.

The Warriors Are 5-0 Since Charles Barkley Said They Had No Chance Without Kevin Durant (The Big Lead) Not that long ago, the conventional wisdom surrounding the Golden State Warriors was that they were in trouble without Kevin Durant.

How ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ Beat The Odds To Deliver A Broadway Smash (Variety) It has become the highest-grossing American play in history, in 18 weeks racking up cumulative sales to date of more than $70 million, and easily recouping its $8 million initial capitalization as well as its running costs.

Ex-NFL Star Kellen Winslow’s Rape Trial Gets Ugly Fast With First Accuser’s Testimony (USA Today) Kellen Winslow II was recently charged with the rape of two transient women and a homeless community in San Diego is now shaken because of it.

A Great White Shark Was Tracked In Long Island Sound. That’s Good News. (Washington Post) The shark’s 500 pounds of churning white flesh sped though North Carolina waters last week, part of a group traversing shipwrecks, seeking bounties of fish.