The Daily Outkick: Wednesday, November 14, 2018

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Ohio State Would Face a Hard Legal Road If It Were to Sue Brett McMurphy (Sports Illustrated) Ohio State would face long odds in any legal action against McMurphy. Worse yet for the school, it might unwittingly invite the risks of pretrial discovery by taking McMurphy to court.

Few Stars Have Ever Fallen As Fast As Carmelo Anthony (538) It’s not unheard of to see a player dip so drastically in production as he ages into his 30s, but it is shocking to see it happen to a player who has been as good as Anthony has been and also hasn’t suffered a major injury.

The NFL’s Biggest Game of the Season Moves From Mexico City to Los Angeles (The Ringer) The highly anticipated matchup between the Rams and Chiefs will change venues after the playing surface at Estadio Azteca was deemed unsuitable. While it’s a bad look for the NFL’s international expansion efforts, it’s a win for common sense.

Clay Travis: Should Alabama Go To College Football Playoffs if Georgia Beats Them? (Outkick)

Mike Leach Names Which Pac-12 Coach He Thinks Would Win an All-Out Brawl (Saturday Down South) This week, Mike Leach went into some detailed thoughts on the fitness of Pac-12 coaches when asked which coach would win an all-out brawl.

Heisman Watch Week 11: Is there time for Kyler Murray to move past Tua? (Yahoo Sports) With three weeks of football remaining before voting is due, it’s hard to envision anybody other than Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa winning the Heisman Trophy. But maybe there’s time for Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray to make one final push.

‘Game of Thrones’ Will Return in April (New York Times) The season will consist of only six oversized episodes that will wrap up the sprawling tale and bring an end to one of the most popular shows in the world and HBO’s biggest hit in its history.

Clay Travis: Zach Smith Went Beyond Acceptable Behavior (Outkick)

Jim Acosta v Donald Trump: Does the First Amendment Require the President to Listen to a Partisan and Inaccurate Lecture? (WSJ) The First Amendment prevents the President or anyone else in the federal government from restricting the ability of citizens to report and publish. Does it also require the President to listen to ill-informed lectures for as long as the lecturers choose to speak?

College Football Playoff Rankings: Group of Five Teams Get Thrown a Bone, For Once (CBS Sports) The committee figured out a way to insult Group of Five teams while ranking them.

Don’t Expect Tom Brady To Catch Any More Passes For Patriots This Season (NESN) The New England Patriots used their star quarterback as a receiver Sunday for just the fourth time in his career — and likely the final time this season.

Clay Travis: Tennessee Treated Kentucky Like They Were a JV Team (Outkick)

No Time to Waste on Legalizing Pot, Sports Betting to Shore Up Illinois Finances (Chicago Sun Times) For decades Americans opposed the legalization of narcotics and gambling. But something has changed in recent years. We’re running out of money to fund everything. Voters hate taxes. Voters love sin. And all of us love children.

Welcome to College Football’s Silly Season, With a Star Turn From Les Miles (Sports Illustrated) While Miles sat in his Baton Rouge home, social media rumbled to life over his immediate future. Reporters had tracked another flight, this one directly from Lawrence, Kansas to Baton Rouge.

Buccaneers Have 20 Million Reasons to Keep Jameis Winston Off the Field (Big Lead) If the Buccaneers want to move on from Winston in 2019, then they should start by benching him for the duration of the season.

Yahoo Finance is Launching Subscription Service (Axios) Yahoo Finance Premium will act as a testing ground for Verizon Media Group (formerly called Oath) to launch more subscription services amongst its other brands (like TechCrunch and Yahoo Sports), as the advertising outlook continues to look bleak for traditional media companies.

Clay Travis on Le’Veon Bell: This is One of the Worst Decisions I’ve Seen an Athlete Make (Lock It In)