The Daily Outkick: Wednesday, September 12, 2018

College Football Narrative Watch- Week 2 (Outkick) Jimbo has Texas A&M on its way. Moorhead is better than Mullen. Taggart is out of his league at FSU. Just a few of the narratives discussed in this week’s College Football Narrative Watch.

How About a First-Year Head Coach Winning a Game in Week 2? (SportsBookReview) Week 1 of the 2018 NFL season was not a good time to be a first-year head coach as all seven of them lost. Let’s look at their Week 2 chances.

ESPN announcer’s tweet about Washington called “childish” … by ESPN executive (Mercury News) The tweet was the fourth instance in the past 11 months of ESPN broadcasters taking public jabs at Washington or the Pac-12, which has a 12-year, $3 billion partnership with ESPN and Fox.

The Seven NFL Teams that Need to Panic (Outkick) It’s not just the Bills and the Cardinals, but fans in Dallas, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Tennessee, and Oakland need to concerned as well.

Adults Continue to Get News from Social Media Despite Not Trusting It (AdWeek) More than half of news consumers say they expect the news they see on social media to be largely inaccurate.

NFL Week 1: SNF Opens at Ten-Year Low (Sports Media Watch) After hitting a ten-year low for its NFL Kickoff Game last Thursday, NBC hit another ten-year low for the season premiere of Sunday Night Football.

Las Vegas is Booming Again (Reuters) Medical school at core of city’s vision but professional sports and legal marijuana are helping to broaden the city’s economy too.

The Serena Williams Cartoon is Not Racist (Outkick) This is how cartoonists work. They take a character and they exaggerate it for comedic effect. It happens to Donald Trump every day.

What Happened to Derek Carr (Lock It In)


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