Tweets From Lakers Fans Before and After LeBron Signed With LA

(Photo Credit: Carlos Osorio/AP)

Now that LeBron has signed with the Lakers, it will be interesting to see how Lakers fans, many of whom worship Kobe and hated LeBron in the past, welcome him to LA. In addition, there are many LeBron fans who have loved The King wherever he played, but have always despised Kobe. I did some important and necessary research to paint a quick picture of how some of these folks are dealing with this internal conflicting.

Let’s begin with this guy, a Lakers fan, who has been hating on LeBron for a while:

After LeBron announced for the Lakers Sunday night:

Here’s Lakers fan Frank through the years:

Here’s Frank Sunday night:

Check out Tommy’s tweet from 2014 when LeBron announced he would be going back to Cleveland:

Tommy now:

This guy, who, as you can already see from his modified screen name, has a bit of a sense of humor about the whole thing. He has historically been very critical LeBron:

Last night:

Moving on to this dude.  He is not a Laker fan, but a “LeBron fan.” Last summer, he claimed he would stop being a LeBron fan if LBJ went to the Lakers:

After Sunday night’s announcement, it appears he will remain a LeBron fan, but he wants to make his position clear to everyone:

Here is another agnostic LeBron fan who pledged to no longer be a die hard fan if LeBron signed with the Lakers:

On Sunday night, rather than denouncing his LeBron fandom, he offered an olive branch to the Laker and Kobe fans, requesting that the groups come together for greater good.  Class move.

Last summer, Daniel was rather negative about the thought of LeBron playing for his beloved Lakers:

Now, he’s on board with it. Albeit, he has not completely warmed up to the idea:

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