Welcome to Outkick 3.0

We still have much to add to the site, but I’ve finally taken care of a couple of things that you guys have demanded for years, namely our search function now works flawlessly and our archives is perfect.

If, for instance, you’re a Game of Thrones fan and you want to read my four years worth of Game of Thrones reviews, all you have to do is search for Game of Thrones in the search function and every article I’ve ever written about Game of Thrones comes up.

And if you’re too incompetent to figure that out, here’s the link to all of my Game of Thrones columns.

How about the anonymous mailbag? They are all right here. 

Maybe you just want to know everything I’ve written about Nick Saban or Donald Trump or Johnny Manziel in the six years I’ve been running Outkick. Just search any name or topic and if it was included in the headline, bang.

That way you can see how far ahead of everyone else I was about ESPN’s collapse or the SEC Network’s rise.

Basically, we have provided you an unending opportunity to avoid work.

As if that weren’t enough you can now search every article that has ever been written on the site by date too. Including, the very first article on this site that went up on July 20, 2011. All you have to do is scroll down on the right side and pick your year and your month and everything is there.

There are nearly six years of articles on that link, over 3000 articles in all. Millions and millions of words from me — and others — designed to entertain all of you.

More news will be coming on Outkick premium soon, but in the meantime thanks for coming here and hanging around over the past six years.

And, as I’ve stated before, I now control all advertising for all Outkick properties, so if you want to advertise on the site, I’m the gatekeeper. Email me directly at claytravis@gmail.com

See y’all with the anonymous mailbag tomorrow.